What responsibilities do I assume as Portugal A2Z guest?

  • Avoid making unnecessary noise and disturb wildlife, especially in places used for shelter and breeding;
  • Observe wildlife while keeping distance. Use binoculars or other appropriate optical equipment if possible;
  • Do not leave traces of food nor feed the wildlife;
  • Do not collect or capture animals, plants, mushrooms or geological samples;
  • If you find an injured wild animal, please contact ICNB, I.P., whenever possible. Otherwise report the situation to the Serviço de Protecção da Natureza e Ambiente da Guarda Nacional Republicana (SEPNA) in order to make sure the animal is duly forwarded to the suitable wildlife recovery centres;
  • Any detected accident or environmental offence should be immediately communicated to the SOS Ambiente e Território service, ICNB, I.P., or SEPNA;
  • Leave your litter in the appropriate places. If there is not an appropriate place or bin, please carry your litter until you find one;
  • Only make fire in places duly authorized for that;
  • Follow sign-posted trails or use existing trails or paths only, whatever is the nature of the activity.