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Looking for something? At A2Z, we have designed several walking and biking tours (both guided and self-guided) through Portugal’s different regions. These tours offer different types of activities and can be adjusted to different fitness levels and budgets. In the search bar below, select your travel preferences for a collection of tour options that meets your needs. All our tours are fully customizable. Contact us if you have any questions or a specific request. 

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Bike Tour in Douro Valley & Historical Villages

A2Z invites you to explore the scenic Douro Valley. Just 1 hour away from Porto, this is one of the things you don’t want to miss out on w ...

Bike Tour in Douro Valley & Historical Villages

Walking Tour in Serra da Estrela

No place in continental Portugal has the symbolism and magnificence of Serra da Estrela. 

Walking Tour in Serra da Estrela

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The world has changed quickly and in a way not seen in the last few decades. This pandemic has changed the way we interact, our daily lives, our jobs and how we travel. As more and more countries are controlling the virus, and easing restrictions, a glimpse of normal life is beginning to arise. Nevertheless, for the next upcoming month’s prevention and cautious measures are still necessary to remain on the safe side.


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As humanity and as nations, we are facing the enormous challenge of environmental impact but falling short of the objectives, regarding the Paris Agreement. The planet needs us and the time to take action is now. As outdoor travel passionate, we are committed to reducing our ecological impact and have a continuously sustainable and responsible activity.


Hiking in the Azores is the adventure of a lifetime.