11 Reasons to Visit Portugal Now

Anyone who has set foot in Portugal can attest to its incredible charm. The sunny skies and friendly locals welcome you with open arms to explore the country’s pristine beaches, mountains, valleys, and villages.

And there is so much to explore. Lisbon and Porto are where you’ll find many of the country’s national monuments but there is a world beyond that filled with verdant hills, golden wheat fields, granite mountains and charming villages to discover. If that’s not enough to convince you, keep reading: we have 11 reasons for you to book your flight, pack your bags and visit Portugal right now.

1. Portugal is a Safe Country

In our troubled world, safety is rightfully the top priority when choosing a holiday destination. Fortunately, the World Economic Forum named Portugal its tenth safest country to visit with a fairly low threat of terrorism. Couple that with a very low crime rate and you have the perfect conditions to enjoy a safe, stress-free vacation in Portugal.

2. Portugal Has the Best Weather in Europe

With its mild winters and hot summers, Portugal has arguably the best weather in all of Europe. Because of that, the best time to visit the country is any time of year. And one thing you can always count on is sunshine – Portugal enjoys 300 days of sunshine and Lisbon alone gets almost 3,000 hours of sunlight every year!

3. It’s a Very Diverse Country

Yes, Portugal is a small country. But in its compact territory, the country is home to an incredible diversity of landscapes, traditions, foods, and wines. You can ski in the snowy mountain peaks of Serra da Estrela and dip your toes on the warm waters of the Algarve beaches. Enjoy a hearty pork dish in Bairrada for lunch and then head to the Rota Vicentina for a fresh seafood dinner. Admire the centuries-old religious festivities by day and celebrate with the locals on the streets with fresh sardines and cheap beer by night. Portugal is sure to surprise you at every turn.

4. It’s Also Full of History

Founded in 1143, Portugal is Europe’s oldest country and its borders have largely remained untouched for almost 1,000 years. Since then, the country has played its part in European and world history waging wars and conquering an empire that once spread out over Africa, South America, India and other parts of Asia. Today, countless monuments, ancient ruins, churches, and castles survive to tell the tales of these ancient times.

5. Portugal is One of the Most Affordable European Countries

Even though it’s becoming a trendier destination, Portugal is still refreshingly affordable without compromising the quality and diversity of services. It’s the elegance of Western Europe at Eastern European prices. And because your money goes further in Portugal, a luxury stay will offer you incredible value for money.

6. Mountains or Beach? Portugal Has Both!

Whether you’re looking for a golden sandy beach to feel the fresh ocean breeze or some rolling green hills to hike to your heart’s content, Portugal has it all. Our landscape is filled with natural wonders for you to discover. All along the coastline, the blue waters of the Atlantic are a refreshing escape from the hot golden sand that lines the shore. Dive in, surf the powerful waves or discover an underwater world in a scuba diving lesson. Gerês National Park or Serra da Estrela offers you an invigorating getaway among oak forests and granite mountains.

7. Portugal is Still Undiscovered by Tourists

You won’t believe it once you visit but the truth is that most of Portugal remain largely undiscovered by the tourist masses. For you, this means deserted beaches at sunset, the authentic charm of rural life and nothing but the peaceful sounds of nature to keep you company.

8. The People are Friendly and Welcoming

Highlighting the best of Portugal would be incomplete without mentioning its friendly locals. Known for their hospitality, Portuguese people are more than happy to welcome you into their home as one of their own any time of day. Vibrant, warm and bold, the Portuguese live to celebrate life and will love to show you the best their country has to offer.

9. Most People Here Speak English

Portugal has more non-native fluent English speakers than any other country in Southern Europe. Subtitled (vs dubbed) movies coupled with the wide world that is the Internet mean that younger generations are all able to speak English – sometimes even imitating the North American accent flawlessly! Older generations grew up with English or French as their second language so, rest assured, we get what you’re saying here.

10. Our Food is Healthy (and Delicious!)

While tasty seafood and delicious desserts abound in Portugal, there’s something to be said about the wide array of healthy options available in traditional Portuguese cuisine. Fresh grilled fish marinated with nothing but the taste of the sea and a drizzle of olive oil, hearty vegetable creams made with the freshest local produce, juicy figs, pears and passionfruit taken straight from the tree branches to your plate – you’ll have nothing to feel guilty about when you indulge your taste buds in Portugal.

11. Portugal is Home to Many Award-Winning Wines

Portugal’s national drink of choice is also celebrated internationally – and, no, we’re not just talking about port wine! From North to South, Portugal boasts rich valleys where a diverse collection of native grapes grown in vineyards from Alentejo to Ribatejo and all the way up to the Douro. Wine tasting will be one of your best excuses to discover the diverse landscapes of Portugal. So, cheers! Or, as we say it, saúde!

From ancient Roman ruins to postcard-perfect mountain landscapes, centuries-old traditions, sunny golden beaches and Historic Medieval Castles – Portugal offers you everything you crave in a European getaway. So, drop your excuses; we just gave you the best 11 reasons to book your flight and visit Portugal right now.