5 Reasons to Choose a Customized Bike Tour

Adventure holidays are always an exciting and unique way to discover a new destination. Cycling paths take you through the backcountry, guiding you through stunning landscapes, remote locations and idyllic hidden gems off the beaten path.

And while it may seem exciting to embark on these cycling adventures independently, opting for a customized bike tour is an excellent way to enrich your journey and ensure you enjoy a cycling holiday you won’t soon forget.  Whether you’re considering one of our Portugal bike tours or a cycling holiday in Europe, here are the 5 reasons to opt for a customized bike tour on your next adventure holiday:

1. Customize Your Journey

Guided cycling holidays are ideal to explore a region at your own pace. Decide which unique sites you want to discover, at what pace you want to explore them and when you want to start your adventure. In the end, you get an exclusive route, designed just for you, that allows you to explore the very best of your destination on two wheels.

2. A Perfectly Planned Tour

When you opt for a customized bike tour, you’re relying on the expert knowledge of local guides and travel professionals to curate the perfect cycling holiday for you. This takes the burden of travel planning from you, giving you that much-needed peace of mind while ensuring that your final route fully maximizes your time and allows you to relax between each destination.

3. 24/7 Access to Your Personal Guide

While exploring your destination on a fun guided cycling holiday, you have the added advantage of being accompanied 24/7 by an expert guide who can assist you with whatever you need. From answering your curious questions to fixing your bike or even helping you book extra activities along the way – your personal guide ensures that every one of your needs is met along your journey.

4. Expert Insider Knowledge

Your personal guide, along with the rest of the travel company team, is also there to provide you with their expert local knowledge. Taste the best of the local cuisine at hand-picked restaurants, stay in charming accommodations and select the best options to meet your personal expectations on your trip. Only a local travel team can give you access to exclusive places and locals-only hidden gems.

5. Travel The Most Scenic Routes

Road cycling holidays are the perfect way to discover idyllic destinations. But enjoying the scenic journey is also part of the fun! On a guided cycling holiday, you can rest assured your travel team will have the expert knowledge needed to design your customized tour around the most scenic routes, allowing you to relax and truly enjoy your bike trip. 

When you opt for a customized bike tour, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore your destination in a unique way that is perfectly in line with your travel needs and expectations. Combining the expert knowledge of your local travel team with your own travel preferences gets you the ideal bike route that will take you through your favorite destinations (plus some expertly-picked hidden gems!) at your own comfortable pace.