9 Reasons to Choose an Adventure Holiday in Portugal

Most people associate Portugal with historical cities and sunny beaches. But there is a world beyond that here of rolling green hills, dramatic cliffs and winding backroads waiting to be explored. If you’re looking to discover a different side of Portugal, one filled with remote villages and ancient traditions, here are 9 reasons to consider making your next getaway an adventure holiday in Portugal:

1. Get Off the Beaten Path

Portugal’s increasing popularity as an affordable and exciting destination has crowded cities like Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve region. There’s so much more to see in Portugal beyond that, though – but you’ll only get there if you choose to hike or bike your way through the country. It’s here, among the wildest nature landscapes, unspoiled valleys and remote villages that you’ll really discover what makes the heart and soul of Portugal.

2. See Places from a New Perspective

Even if you choose to visit some of Portugal’s best-known destinations, exploring them on an adventure holiday will allow you to experience them in a completely new way. Bike your way from Porto to Lisbon, discover the green hills of the Algarve on two wheels or hike the ancient Port wine vineyards. You’ll see a different side of Portugal as you explore its hiking and cycling trails.

3. Experience Portugal in a Unique Way

Spend one day exploring cosmopolitan Porto and the next following the ancient steps of the Portuguese route to Santiago de Compostela. Wake up with the bustling city noises of Lisbon and go to sleep with the sounds of nature in a remote schist village. Take a break and enjoy a wine tasting, bake bread with locals or learn to make traditional artifacts. When you take an adventure holiday in Portugal, you’re traveling to the heart of the country and discovering it from the inside out.

4. Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation

Imagine this: the fresh ocean breeze strokes your face while you admire wild golden beaches stretching out infinitely to your right and lush, green valleys sprawling to your left. You’re on an adventure holiday, biking Portugal along the Vicentine Coast. It’s lunchtime, and you stop at a small fishermen’s village to enjoy the catch of the day, grilled to perfection and seasoned with nothing but a dash of salt and olive oil. Need we say more?

5. Create Memories for a Lifetime

Incredible landscapes, welcoming people and centuries of history to discover – we think those are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable vacation. And you’ll find them all in Portugal! So bring your family and friends – it’s time to create memories you’ll never forget.

6. See Portugal at Your Own Pace

Cycling and hiking trails abound in Portugal, allowing you to decide when and how to explore the country. Rolling green hills, unspoiled beaches, and towering mountains are waiting for you to explore them. And when you need a break from your active holiday in Portugal, why not enjoy a wine tasting in Porto or take a tram ride to discover Lisbon’s most charming neighborhoods? We have more suggestions for you on the best things to do in Portugal right here​.

7. Discover an Ancient Culture and Traditions

Founded in 1143, Portugal’s ancient history is one of the many reasons people choose to visit Portugal every year. Hike your way through remote 12th-century villages, bike along ancient Roman paths and immerse yourself in some of Portugal’s oldest traditions such as religious pilgrimages or winemaking.

8. Avoid the Tourists!

Portugal is one of the world’s up-and-coming destinations and it’s increasingly flooded with tourists every year. Fortunately for you, the country’s natural wonders still fly under the radar meaning you can enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes with very few tourists around. And if you really want to have Portugal all to yourself, check out this article to learn all about the best time to visit Portugal.

9. Meet the Locals

An active holiday in Portugal is one of the best ways to head off the beaten path through winding backroads that take you to the heart of the country. And it’s here, in these charming villages and small towns that you’ll be welcomed by some of the friendliest people you’ll meet on your travels. Known for their hospitality, Portuguese people will love showing you the best their country has to offer.
There are undoubtedly many reasons to visit Portugal. And its endless offer of exciting adventures is one of them. Hiking or cycling through the country’s backroads is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in its ancient traditions, explore breath-taking landscapes and discover a side of Portugal you had never imagined.