“Less is More” Policy

The world has changed quickly and in a way not seen in the last few decades. This pandemic has changed the way we interact, our daily lives, our jobs and how we travel. As more and more countries are controlling the virus, and easing restrictions, a glimpse of normal life is beginning to arise. Nevertheless, for the next upcoming month’s prevention and cautious measures are still necessary to remain on the safe side.

The Portuguese Tourism Board has created a “Clean & Safe” label applied to touristic companies that implement hygiene and cleaning requirements, such as the recommendations of the DGS – Portuguese Directorate-General for Health, among others. Fulfilling these requirements helps Portugal to become a safe destination and aim to build confidence in its visitors. Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking wants to follow this path and went beyond, developing and implementing now our own “Less is More” Policy focusing on making you feel more safe and secure while visiting us. Within this Policy, on top of the Clean & Safe Requirements, we want to assure that our tours will include:

“Less rooms means less people but also less risks, without downgrade the service quality, and improving different kind of new experiences.”

Smaller lodging units are a great option for a safer holiday, as they have less guests, which diminishes the interaction level, as well as providing a more personal service. In some cases there are also independent houses or cottages that give you total control of your interaction with other guests (including self-catering or food delivered at your door). Also, by being usually a local business it is a great way to boost the local economy and a responsible tourist!

“We always worked with short groups in order to provide a better experience, so we are ready to guarantee a number of people in your tour as high as 2 or 4 people. And this allows you to keep social distancing.”

Although the first instinct after being so long quarantined can be to immediately seek other people and activities to do, first times after the ease of restrictions is advisable to be cautious. But that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck inside– our holidays and activities are tailored for small groups of people, from individual departures to bigger groups of maximum of  8 persons, so you can enjoy exploring while being safe.

“We have to offer you a full range of amazing inland destinations, away from the city crowds, but with everything you need.”

Perhaps this is the time to take an opportunity to go off the beaten path, filled with mystery, idyllic places, away from big cities and big hotels, somewhere completely new that will surprise you. Explore small villages, such as the Schist or Historical villages, in the centre of Portugal, safe and remote places, with fewer people and almost no tourists yet, where you will have a chance to walk or cycle perfect desert roads or ancient trails in tranquility. And if you want we take you there directly from the airport!

“Individual safety equipment will be provided in complement to follow a “Clean & Safe” policy, established by our national tourism authority.”

While travelling, it is important to be and feel safe. With the adherence to the “Clean & Safe” label, Portugal A2Z is ensuring your next visit to Portugal is as safe and enjoyable as it can be. Following the approved guidelines, that include our guides etiquette, social conduct rules and working with partners that also are “Clean & Safe”, guaranteeing the provisions of all necessary equipment, are our priorities now. So that Portugal can continue to be the safe and trustworthy destination of always.  You can read more about our health and safety measures here.