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As humanity and as nations, we are facing the enormous challenge of environmental impact but falling short of the objectives, regarding the Paris Agreement. The planet needs us and the time to take action is now. As outdoor travel passionate, we are committed to reducing our ecological impact and have a continuously sustainable and responsible activity.

1. Responsible outdoor travel is our mission. 
2. We walk (and pedal) the talk. 
3. Are we on the same trail?  

Environmental impact is a shared responsibility. As individuals, citizens, and above all, as humanity who call this planet home, we have a duty to remain aware so that our actions, both in our personal and professional lives, are guided by a collective environmental consciousness

Governments and major organizations, especially those with a significant ecological footprint, have a larger responsibility and hold the power to implement corrective measures for a healthier planet, one that is safe for future generations.

But are they doing enough? Are we doing enough? More efficient policies in our sphere of influence are increasingly urgent!
There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 
AR6 Synthesis Report, March 2023

1. Responsible outdoor travel is our mission. ​

Our story began back in 2006, and with more than 17 years of experience in outdoor tourism, this is what we do best. Where we keep improving our approach to sustainability and responsible travel.​

We cannot change the world by ourselves, but we can take part, on what we are responsible for, chasing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, stated by UN, and specifically reducing our environmental impact. And transposing it into Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles followed in our activities.

After being certified as Biosphere Sustainable Tourism, we continued our Environmental journey by enrolling in the Sustainability Committed program from Turismo de Portugal. We are monitoring and reporting our efforts, assuring that our goals for the future are aligned with the European Green Deal and the UN Global Compact

In Social policies, we encourage remote-work, distribute annually 50% of our profits among collaborators, and donate 1% of our revenues directly to non-profit projects and organizations that benefit local communities (we started giving back since company's day one). 

In Governance, we have a clear vision and policy about our sustainable role. We took the initiative and co-founded, in 2019, the Portugal Outdoor Alliance (POA), partnering with selected Tour Operators towards the common goal of responsible outdoor travel. In 2020, we narrowed our approach with our publicly announced Less is More policy and, in 2021, we voluntarily signed up Tourism Declares, recognizing climate emergency and assuming that we will advocate, and act, for it.

We received a public recognition seal from Turismo de Portugal for these steps taken, that acknowledge ESG management best practices.​

2. We walk (and pedal) the talk. 

Giving back to nature, reducing carbon footprints, using eco-friendly materials, and supporting local economies. We take action, and we help you to take action too. ​

Drawing from extensive experience in guided and self-guided tours in Portugal and other countries, over the years, we have implemented policies and initiatives to enhance our responsible outdoor travel offerings. This includes incorporating more eco-friendly and sustainable options in our in-house operations, tour equipment, and travel experiences.

Introducing our guests not only to Portuguese trails and culture, but also informing about the sustainable and ecological approaches along the journey, in our homeland.

We've been improving our active & eco-friendly travel experiences by:
  • Walking and using conventional and electric bikes, to guide you through Portugal, constantly trying to minimize car transfers; 
  • Informing and educating about safe and ecological attitudes towards responsible travel, for a sustainable perspective and attitude when outdoor travelling;
  • Only guiding or organizing small groups of travellers (<16) to promote a more personal experience, discarding mass tourism to avoid overcrowding, having much less negative impact on visited sites and trails;
  • Collaborating with local guides, that show you the hidden gems, and help you support local communities;
  • Partnering with small and eco-friendly accommodations;
  • Implementing regeneration projects with Portugal Outdoor Alliance partners (Lagoa da Ervedeira, 2022), including opportunities to involve our guests in creating a new and greener life in an area burnt by wildfires, due to extreme heat;
  • Investing in our van fleet towards electric mobility that supports our tours: lowering our carbon emissions for logistics, transportation, and luggage;
  • Avoiding plastics, using recycled or environmental friendly materials in our tours and in-house equipment: in our lunches and picnics, we have reusable and/or recycled cups and plates;  reusable lunch bags made of fabric; refillable and reusable water bottles made of recycled plastic; 100% recycled fabric in cycling jerseys and t-shirts; wood-based luggage tags; office LED lamps; paperless route notes and directions, using mobile apps for clients guidance.

In this activity, we can make a difference.

Our role, as a walking & biking travel operator, is to provide incredible experiences for those who travel with us while being responsible and contributing to improve visited communities and ecosystems.

However small the impact of any ecological action, much like a very tiny water drip in an ocean, it is our sphere of influence.

Acknowledging that every step counts for a safer environment, for more sustainable ways of living, and also advocating and spreading the word, drives our attitude every day, every tour.

It is time to act and to give back to earth.

3. Are we on the same trail?​

If we are on the same page about sustainable travel, get to know our tours by walk & bike, and join us in this journey of collective environmental consciousness and responsible travel. ​

Enjoy a great adventure and have a wonderful time getting to know the best of Portugal, by hiking or biking. You'll be treated to stunning landscapes, golden beaches along the sunny Western European coast, and also the idyllic countryside where you can immerse yourself in local culture, traditions, and, of course, mouthwatering slow-cooked cuisine and exceptional wine.

Great experiences, body & mind in motion, while making a positive impact on the planet. Is there a better travel experience? 
Get to know our responsible walk & bike tours, backed by

A 3 S's Tour: Sun, Sea & Sand. Starting in Porto and heading towards Lisbon, follow routes along the ocean, pause in the sunny beaches, and savor grilled fish for lunch at a beachfront bar terrace. Sink your feet into the sand and feel the ocean breeze.
During this tour, our guests have the opportunity to actively participate in nature restoration projects in forested areas that were affected by fires caused by extreme heat, in 2017. Throughout the journey, you can choose low-emission train and bicycle travel for an eco-friendly experience.

Explore centuries-old villages and immerse yourself in the authentic Portuguese rural atmosphere. Experience cooking traditional Portuguese cuisine and learn to create amazing crafts with local artisans. You can also participate in local environmental conservation efforts or engage in nature restoration projects. Stay in charming boutique guesthouses nestled within these schist-built rural villages for a peaceful night's rest.