The people of the Douro

The people of the Douro need nothing more than the Douro to live and to be happy. As guardians of this beautiful land, they are happy to share it with visitors and they will make your experience worthwhile – one experience you will never forget.

A region cannot only be judged by its location and its beauty. The people that inhabit and work the land also contribute to its charm. In order to truly get to know the region, you must spend time with the people and hear their wisdom. With A2Z you will always be in contact with them.

The people of the Douro are proud of their roots; they know their history and their origins well. They tell stories and local legends that have been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring the survival of their history. The best guides in the region are local guides, like our A2Z guides, as no-one knows the region as they do.

The people of the Douro have a simple way of life; they preserve their traditions and do not feel pressured to modernize. They are peaceful and hospitable; they will welcome anyone into their home. The elderly in the region often greet everyone they meet in the street to be polite, even those they do not know.

The people of the Douro are closely linked to the land they work on. It is where they get their food and their sustenance from. They use traditional farming methods to protect the environment and, later, the combination of harvested products and great culinary skills will result in truly tasty dishes.

The people of the Douro