7 reasons why you should try an e-bike

The bicycle has been increasingly affirming itself as one of the means of transport more concerned with the increasing environmental problems. Although it is a sustainable vehicle, there are still many people reluctant about it.

In this sense, the electric bicycle comes as a modern solution to fight not only the effort required to drive normal bikes but also the traffic felt in many cities. It is a bike equipped with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery that does what the ordinary bike cannot, help you in the city or rural trips requiring less effort from the rider.
Learn the 7 reasons why you should try an e-bike:
1 - E-bikes are for everyone
With an e-bike, people can start pedaling again and rely on the comfort of knowing that they have an electric motor to help. For many, it makes cycling trips much more accessible and allows them to add more exercise to their routine.
2 - Do not tire yourself out
Cycling is considered by many to be physically intense and an exhausting sport. The e-bike, whether on a gentle trail or to reach the top of the mountains, will awaken even more the cyclist within you. Travelling by bicycle is the best way to get to know our Aldeias do Xisto, in the Center of Portugal!
3 - Weight is no longer a hindrance
Among cyclists, weight has always been a hotly debated topic and to be considered before each bike ride. But not on e-bikes. The bright electric motors of our e-bikes have a torque line programmed to dramatically dilute the weight that is being carried.
4 - Enjoy long days to pedal
Over the years, cycling has been gaining an increasingly physical, intense and sporting character for several reasons. If you see cycling as a way to travel and explore new places, an e-bike can be a great solution. With the extra power of the engine, you will be able to cycle for several hours or to make long routes, discovering new places and enjoying magnificent landscapes, without a drop of sweat.
5 - Traveling in a sustainable way without much effort
Traveling by bicycle means entering towns, small towns and villages on different routes. It allows you to travel the world in a sustainable way and to experience freedom by feeling the wind in your face. But for many, the impact that this form of traveling has on the legs and knees translates into a barrier. With an e-bike, in addition to reducing the impact on the legs and knees, electric bicycles also reduce the impact on the environment.
6 - Follow the most experienced cyclists
Cycling can be a very social activity, and there are many who enjoy taking advantage of the pedal time to be with friends. If you think that you will not be able to accompany your cycling buddies, an electric bike can help you with that. At the end of the lap, you will feel like a "pro", while your friends feel tired you were still able to pedal your e-bike a bit more.
7 - More attractive design and models
Not long ago, electric bicycles were known to be heavy and unattractive. Nowadays, electric bikes are getting much nicer, as well as technically superior. More and more, we see a better integration of the components in the frame, maintaining the necessary and important dynamic balance with truly appealing bikes.
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