Cookie Policy

Ytravel, LDA takes the privacy of its customers and users very seriously, complying with current European legislation in terms of treatment of personal data and privacy.
Ytravel, LDA adopts the best practices in order to protect user data against possible improper and unauthorized access or use.
The data collected on this and associated websites are intended to:
  • Customize the website according to location/language preferences so that it is more convenient for users to navigate this website;
  • Respond to user contact requests;
  • Collect and analyze anonymous traffic data, via external statistical services, to enable us to improve this website.
  • The data collected on this website are not provided by Ytravel, LDA to external entities and are used only to meet user requests, respond to contacts or product communication.
Cookies are small text files stored on a user's device when visiting certain websites. On subsequent visits, the file is sent back to the originating website, allowing the identification of a user's preferences. The use of cookies is now common practice in most websites, particularly since the rise of e-commerce.
On this website, when authorized by the user, the following cookies are used:
Necessary - These cookies are necessary to run core site functionality, such as security features. In addition, we may also use these cookies to detect whether you wish to remain logged into your profile in order to provide you with quicker access to our services when you visit our site again.
Statistics - For continuous improvement of our website, we perform anonymous data collection for statistical purposes and analysis. With these cookies, we can obtain, for example, the number of visits or the impact of certain web pages, and thereby optimize our content.
Convenience - We use these cookies to make it easier for you to use the site. For example, based on your previous activities, you can conveniently access them when you visit our site again.
Personalization - These cookies are used to display content that is personalized to your interests. This enables us to present offers that are particularly relevant to you, making sure that you are always up to date with them.
Cookies allow Ytravel, LDA's service providers to collect information about previous visits to Ytravel, LDA's website and associates, and, based on this information, to display on third party websites advertisements from Ytravel, LDA relevant and of interest to customers and other visitors.
For any questions about privacy or cookies please contact us at