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Cycling Tours in the rolling Alentejo backroads!

On these plains, crossed by beautiful creeks, sea and fields will fill your soul with journeys and experiences. Stay in one of the whitewashed "montes", watch the birds at the plains, ride your Mountain Bike along the mountain ranges or walk along the ocean. Enjoy what Alentejo has to offer you at its own pace.

The Alentejo is not just nature and landscapes, it's a place full of history, traditions, great gastronomy, world-class wines and the best weather in Europe. Here, you can discover lilac fields, watch unique birds and find landscapes that you will never forget, whether in the heart of the plains, on top of a cliff, in the cork oak woodland or near the ocean. The walled towns of Marvão and Monsaraz or the many ancient dolmens will recall the magic of this region. Around the hills, whitewashed houses stand on small knolls, castles evoke battles and conquests and the yards and gardens are witnesses to the Arab influences which shaped both people and nature.

In Alentejo, the power of the land determines not only the pace but also the shape of cities like Elvas and Évora – listed as World Heritage Site, by UNESCO – and most of all, the land, shows the tenacity of the people. Perhaps this is the reason why culture and spirituality take on a singular character here.

The flatlands make hiking and cycling easy, and you can combine these rides while staying in amazing design hotels that will make your journey even more memorable. But you must also explore the coast. The landscape, here, is hilly and rugged, with small sheltered coves between the cliffs, many of which are ideal for surfing. You will also breathe the scents of the countryside here, the aromatic herbs that season the fish, the seafood and other local dishes will show you the creativity and imagination in using very simple ingredients. These make the Alentejo cuisine a surprising mix of flavors and proof of the hospitality of the people of the Alentejo. Indeed, the Alentejo lives according to its own pace.



The Wines at Alentejo


A wine producing region with a long tradition, the Alentejo boasts wines that will surprise you for their excellence, aromas, and colors as unique as the landscape and the cuisine.


Évora, a book of Portuguese art history in Alentejo


Évora is an inspiring city with a lot to offer. The Roman Temple of Diana, the Roman baths, the medieval walls, the Cathedral, the Graça Church and São Francisco Church, with its curious Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos) are some of the places you can not miss.