Meet Alentejo

Walk & Cycle in the sunny SW of Europe - Rota Vicentina!

Picture yourself walking in the most beautiful and well-preserved coast of Portugal. Now add the feeling of adventure when discovering virgin beaches, a rich culture and a cuisine that serves the best the sea has. A2Z welcomes you to discover the Rota Vicentina.

Walking or riding along the Rota Vicentina with A2Z is to wonder oneself each moment with the discovery of a world one thought was lost.

Located in the southwest outermost of Europe, this region forms a rare alliance between a mild climate and an authentic nature enabling the visitor a close contact with a set of habitats little affected still. The diverse geography swifts from steep cliffs to forgotten white sand beaches. People have been occupying this territory since Paleolithic times and maintaining the bond between sea and land in their main economic activities. Time and time again we are surprised by their authenticity.

The Fishermen’s Trail, a set of millenary trails used by fishermen and old pirates to access beaches and fishing sites, runs through the coastline challenging the wanderer/walker/hiker to a constant duel with the sea winds and the dark, rough cliffs. For the birding lovers, a unique situation in the world occurs: the amazing art of the white stork nesting on the coastal cliffs.

A2Z invites you to walk into the protected zone of Parque Natural Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, discover the ancient Roman ports, indulge yourself with a tasty meal of fresh fish caught with artisanal crafts. Stop in order to listen to the wind and the sea.
Delight your eyes and soul with a breathtaking, untouched horizon waiting for you. 


Best Time to Visit Portugal


When planning your holiday, we know how important it is to get the timing just right. And despite Portugal’s compact size, weather patterns actually vary greatly throughout the country making it a little trickier to plan the best time of year to go to Portugal. But whether you’re planning to hit the coast for some sun or enjoy the country’s rural charm in the countryside, check out our guide below to find out the best time to go to Portugal.


12 Best Places to Visit in Portugal


Compact yet diverse, there’s no doubt Portugal has a lot to offer. From pre-historic dinosaur footprints to some of the world’s most delectable wines, there is very little you won’t find here. But that only makes it much more difficult to answer the question: which region of Portugal should you visit? Read below to find some of our top suggestions to enjoy the very best that Portugal has to offer you.


The Best Grandes Rotas (Long Distance Trails) of Portugal


With its sunny weather year-round, Portugal is the ideal destination for an outdoors adventure holiday. And the options to explore it are endless! Whether you are looking to discover the country’s most popular sites or you want to take a detour and head off the beaten path, Portugal boasts a network of well-marked long-distance trails (called Grande Rotas) to take you exactly where you want to go. From the steep mountains to the deep river valleys and the breezy Atlantic Coast, our four favorite walks below will take you through some of Portugal’s most stunning landscapes and fascinating historical sites.


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