Algarve - Meet the best European holiday destination

One of the best European holiday destinations. A magnificent coastline with nature-blessed lovely beaches, delicious cuisine at reasonable prices, stunning landscapes, sunny Mediterranean climate… Sounds enough to be the most popular region of Portugal. But A2z challenges you to discover a different Algarve…

Located in the country’s southernmost region, there is no better idyllic destination for the perfect holidays than Algarve. From crowded cities with restaurants, shops and markets to traditional whitewashed villages and picturesque fishing towns, Algarve has it all. Mountain, “barrocal” and, of course, a pristine coastline that attracts thousands of national and foreigners tourists for holidays every year. That´s right, 300 days of sunshine per year... But the “Sun and Sea Holidays”, once the only reason for visiting Algarve, is over. Nowadays is possible to experience a different Algarve.

Portugal A2Z invites you to explore Algarve in its most natural and beautiful form, by walking or mountain-biking through the strawberry tree-covered Serra de Monchique mountain range, the ancient pathways of the local shepherds and experiencing traditional aromas and flavors only found in the highest mountain in the south of Portugal.

Portugal A2Z helps you discover what Portugal really has to offer, away the over-crowded touristic locations. The Algarve is so wonderfully diverse. It guarantees the perfect holidays for all, no matter the motivation. From surfers to hiking lovers, from sunny beaches addicts to biking challenge enthusiasts and families, Algarve is the “chosen one” destination. Imagine yourself taking a breath in a destination with more than 100 beaches and coves with plenty of activities for you to enjoy such as swimming, cave exploring, yacht cruises, surfing, deep-sea fishing, among others.

We invite you to discover one of the best cycling destinations in Europe. Due to its fantastic infrastructure, Algarve’s cycling pathways display beautiful sceneries, landscapes, historic architecture, old churches, making your experience the most fantastic you ever had. A2Z presents you perfect road Biking Tours with hundreds of miles of cycle pathways, several levels of difficulty, also available for Touring Bikes, in inland Algarve, namely in the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, voted one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal.

For those who prefer to set foot on the ground and explore and their own pace, A2Z Walking Tours has a treasure: the Vincentine Coast Natural Park. Impressive cliffs hanging towards the Atlantic Ocean and coastline stretching beyond what your eyes reach will be there for you admire.

The invitation is delivered. See you in 2019.


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