Visit Center of Portugal

Welcome to the central region of Portugal – with an incredible variety of natural landscapes from the Atlantic coast, pine forests, mysterious caves and breathtaking mountains and valleys, it is a region passionate about nature, a culmination of regional biodiversity with white storks and various aromatic and medicinal plants. A getaway to the mountains is the perfect adventure. In winter, you can marvel yourself at the white mantle in the Estrela mountain range, where the glacial valleys are millenary and fun for the whole family, and explore the magnificent landscape of Aire and Candeeiros mountain ranges, a paradise for hikers, a rich natural, landscape and cultural heritage, where the kingdoms of stones and limestone are intertwined with the agricultural fields. Besides these incredible landscapes there are also the Historical Villages, frozen in time, which retain all their charm and transport them to another world of wisdom and unique flavors. Also intertwined in nature are the Schist Villages, a contrast in black, which in their traditional houses hide cultural and historical treasures not to be missed. Each village has a different story to discover, between castles and walls, between taverns and gourmet restaurants, between centuries-old traditions and the latest inspirations. Come lose yourself on shepherds’ trails, between streets and corners and restore yourself with pure air and breathtaking views.