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Serra de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park

Explore the Realm of Stone from the past, in a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, to the present day through Central Portugal’s most beautiful tracks, on foot or by bicycle. Experience inns that combine modernity with fine taste, listen to the wind in the millennial olive trees or visit one of the caves in this amazing natural park.

While exploring the Aire and Candeeiros Mountain Range you will encounter a vigorous landscape, with natural karstic sculptures shaped by Nature and its Elements.

You are in the mountains. A true limestone massif with unique singularities that stands out from the geographic elements surrounding it.

With A2Z, you will be able to walk or bike through some of the most beautiful tracks of Central Portugal, some of which will lead you to magical Fórnea or the Karst Fields of Minde and Alvados. The abundance of aromatic, medicinal and honey plants will make you ecstatic.

Man’s handprint, in this region, can be observed in the spectacular architecture of the stone walls delimiting the scarce fertile lands in the area. There are points of interest all around: deep caves, karstic eroded valleys, native Portuguese and evergreen oaks and, of course, the products of local livestock: goat and sheep cheese and traditional dishes based on goat meat.

A magical territory that has kept for itself some of the most unusual secrets, such as the Marian cult, at the extraordinary Sanctuary of Fátima, and the natural monuments of Aire’s Mountains: the Dinosaur Footprints and S. Bento's Jurassic beach with its echinoderm fossils. 


The Stone Walls of Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park


To gaze the mountains and see the puzzle of grey stone walls looking over the green meadows is the trademark of Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park.


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Where history is millenarian, culture enriches the soul and mind, and the landscapes are breathtaking, there is much not to miss in the Center of Portugal.