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Portugal Wolf Ride 2019

Duration 6 days
dates September 01 - September 06
altimetry 7137 m
distance 366 Km
Lodging Premium

Be part of the pack and join us for a wonderful adventure through the Douro Valley whilst also helping make a difference to wolf conservation

The mountainous region of northern Portugal is one of the last territories of the Iberian Wolf.
The Wolf Conservation Ride will be a journey of discovery. Starting out in the wolf region, you will move through the rugged landscape of the North and pass by unique 12th century historical villages.
Your journey will finish in the Unesco Douro Valley with its terraced vineyards and world class wines.

Daily Itinerary

Day 01
September 1st (Sunday)
Arrival to Porto

- Bus Transfer (Porto – Bragança)
- Accreditations (Bragança)
- Welcome dinner
Day 02
September 2nd (Monday)
Stage 1: Bragança to Alfandega da Fé (86 km | + 1741m)
Short Version: Bragança to Azibo dam (50 km | + 1037m)

- Presentation with the University of Aveiro’s
- Wolf Preservation Team and the Transumância
and Nature Association
- Dinner

The name of the region of which Bragança is the capital belies its nature, being that Tras-os-Montes, quite literally 'behind the mountains', is easily the most remote part of mainland Portugal, if not western Europe. Here, ancient stone houses still cluster in small villages that seem unaffected by the speed and complexities of modern life, rich traditional dishes still fill the bellies of the farmers and the general feeling offers a pleasing distance from the busier, more cosmopolitan parts of Europe.
Day 03
September 3rd (Tuesday)
Stage 2: Alfandega to Marialva (162 km | + 1894m)
Short Version: Alfandega to Pocinho (51 km | + 476m)

- Presentation from a member of the Wolf
Conservation Team New York
- Dinner

Almond and Olive trees will be present all day on your ride.
The region is known to have some of the best olive oil in the world. Reaching the Douro river you will be amazed by the landscape and the way man shaped the slopes into terraces in order to produce the famous Port Wine. Longroiva, today's destination is a peaceful little town where the thermal baths stand out and where there are vestiges of the Roman times.
Day 04
September 4th (Wednesday)
Stage 3: Marialva loop via Castelo Rodrigo (103 km | + 2015m)
Short Version: Marialva loop via Castelo Rodrigo (45 km | + 1081m)

- Dinner

After Historical Village of Marialva you will have the chance to stop at Faia Brava nature reserve and see the amazing conservation work they are doing in the region. Castelo Rodrigo was a very important stop for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain. In 1297, it became a Portuguese town.
Day 05
September 5th (Thursday)
Stage 4: Marialva to Régua (81 km | + 1487m)
Short Version: Penedono to Régua (56 km | + 697m)

- Grape stomping
- Farewell dinner on the Douro

The route today will take you to the heart of the Douro valley wine region.
Wine has been produced by traditional landholders in the Alto Douro region for some 2,000 years, the main product being port wine.
Day 06
September 6th (Friday)
Transfers from Régua to Porto
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Stage 1: Bragança to Alfandega da Fé (86 km | + 1741m);

Stage 1: Short Version: Bragança to Azibo dam (50 km | + 1037m)

Stage 2: Alfandega to Longroiva (162 km | + 1894m)

Stage 2: Short Version: Alfandega to Pocinho (51 km | + 476m)

Stage 3: Longroiva loop via Castelo Rodrigo (103 km | + 2015m)

Stage 3: Short Version: Longroiva loop via Castelo Rodrigo (45 km | + 1081m)

Stage 4: Longroiva to Régua (81 km | + 1487m)

Stage 4: Short Version: Penedono to Régua (56 km | + 697m)


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