Top 6 Biking Tour Destinations in Portugal

Through the rolling hills of Alto Alentejo, into the deep river valleys of the Douro and along the refreshing beach of the Atlantic Coast, cycling trails abound to Portugal. But with so much to choose from, it can be tough to choose where to go in Portugal on a bike tour (not such a bad problem to have, in our opinion!). So if you’re wondering which region is the best to explore on two wheels, keep reading below for our personal favorites:

1. The Atlantic Coast

There is no better way to explore Portugal’s diverse landscape and history than with an ocean breeze on a North-South bike tour along the country’s picturesque Atlantic Coast. Starting in Caminha, in Portugal’s northern border with Spain, and ending in Sagres, Europe’s southernmost point, this bike tour is ideal for families or cyclists looking for a relaxing holiday. You can challenge yourself to complete the entire tour or select a shorter course to dive deep into a specific region. Enjoy delicious seafood, explore historic cities like Coimbra and Lisbon, and discover one of the few remaining wild spots on the Rota Vicentina.

2. The EN2 (aka the Portuguese Route 66)

Alternatively, you can discover the country from its northern mountains to its southern beaches via the EN2, also known as the Portuguese Route 66. This national road, constructed over 70 years ago, will take you inland, allowing you to discover Portugal’s diverse history, villages, and landscapes through 739km of pure joy. Cross the vast river valleys of the Douro, Mondego, Tejo, and Zêzere, discover the rich history of cities like Viseu and Faro, enjoy the slower pace of life in the rural landscape around you and taste some of the finest local foods and wines along the way.

3. Historical Villages of Portugal

If 12th-century villages, castles and beautiful rural landscapes sound like your kind of bike tour, then your best bet will be the Historical Villages of Portugal Trail. In the heart of Portugal, this trail will take you back in time through 12 villages and ancient castles, stunning natural parks, and winding backroads. Untouched and off the beaten path, this is where you will feel the authentic history and traditions of Portugal.

4. The Alentejo Region

The rolling hills of the Alentejo, in the southern region of Portugal, are the ideal escape for cyclists of all levels year-round. With its mild climate and diverse landscapes, Alentejo is the ultimate customizable bike tour in Portugal. Challenge yourself along the seaside cliffs or take it slow and bike through stunning flat plains. At the end of the day, enjoy a glass of the delectable local wine and unwind at one of the region’s many typically charming boutique hotels.

5. Serra da Estrela

Conquering Portugal’s highest continental peak is a must bike tour for the thrill seekers out there. This challenging route will take you through empty roads with dramatic alpine views, deep valleys, dense oak tree forests and glacial lakes. And when you need a break, stop in one of the many villages to meet friendly locals, learn about ancient shepherd traditions and taste the tasty local cheese (Queijo da Serra).

6. The Portuguese Caminho (to Santiago de Compostela)

There are no less than 12 official routes to Santiago de Compostela and the Portuguese route (or Caminho) is becoming increasingly popular. Starting from Lisbon, this bike tour will take you through 240km of incredible landscapes, historical UNESCO spots, and one additional pilgrimage site, the city of Fátima. A truly unique journey that beautifully combines the best of Portugal’s landscape with its deep religious past
Whether you’re fascinated by ancient traditions, mesmerized by wild untouched landscapes or eager to challenge yourself on winding trails, Portugal has the ideal bike tour for you. And whichever route you choose, we know there will be no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture by trying delicious local dishes, meeting friendly and welcoming locals and participating in unique traditions.

Top 6 Destinations for a Biking Tour in Portugal