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Walking Tour from Coimbra to Fátima (Carmelita Route)

Duration 7 Days
Type Self Guided
altimetry 2130 m
distance 111 km
Lodging Comfort

The Carmelita Route joins these two enchanting cities, discovering the history and legends behind them  and adding a dash of nature and heritage along the way with magnificent natural sceneries  for an unforgettable exploration of your inner self.

Timeless, vibrant, liberal and fascinating are just a few words to describe the city of Coimbra. Come and explore it and Fátima, getting to know two historical cities of Portugal. Coimbra is an enduring city, where new students walk the path layout centuries ago in one of the oldest universities of the world, where ancient dessert recipes from the monasteries still delight, and where the Mondego River flows with histories of a rich filled past. Fátima is the spiritual capital of Portugal, known worldwide for the beauty of its Sanctuary and the deepness of the faith of its pilgrims.
Originating in Saint Teresa’s Carmelo, this route inspired by the life and work of Sister Lucia, a witness of the Fátima miracle, receiver of divine grace and a supporter of all pilgrims to Fátima with her prayers, texts and books, invites you to wander spiritually in her company. The most important thing is the walk, not the arrival.
Come and discover the countryside and small villages, full of history and a lot of Roman influence, along the way, on this journey of inspiration and contemplation in the middle of nature. Enjoy the local traditions and delicacies such as the Rabaçal’s cheese and the wine of Ourém, both still produced with ancient techniques and traditions  and fill your body and soul with positive energy. Explore the history of Coimbra and Fátima and leave with your mind, body and soul replenished.

Daily Itinerary

Day 01
Arrival to Coimbra
Welcome to the City of Knowledge! Captivating city that boasts an extensive history, vibrant atmosphere and a range of interesting tourist attractions. It contains one of the world’s oldest universities, but the city is no historic relic, it is an affluent city that is both liberal and forward thinking, in part due to the large student population. In the city heart we find religious churches and architectural treasures such as Sé de Coimbra from the 12th century and the Johannine Library. Also, the Monastery of the Holly Cross where remains the tombs of the first two Kings of Portugal.
Overnight in Coimbra.
Day 02
Walking Tour 1: Condeixa-a-Nova | Rabaçal (13 km)
Transfer from Coimbra to Condeixa-a-Nova.
In this first stage you will leave the urban scenery and enter the rural world, beginning your inner voyage into Nature itself. Condeixa-a-Nova is a privileged place in Portugal, particularly during the Roman period as part of the important road network of the Great Roman Road, and where you can still see a luso-urban nucleus in Conímbriga. Walk along the Moor’s River and visit legendary places such as Zambujal, created according to history by two giant blacksmith brothers.  Your stop of today will be Rabaçal, a small village nestled into a breathtaking valley, sculpted by nature, filled with vineyards and olive trees, some thousand’s years old.  It is the perfect place to herd sheep and goats, and its famous production of cheese, a must-try, dates back to roman times. Visit also the Germanelo hill, where Portugal’s first king had a fortress built overlooking this beautiful landscape. 
Overnight in Rabaçal.
Day 03
Walking Tour 2: Rabaçal | Ansião (20 km)
Today’s journey leads you  into the plains of Santiago da Guarda, bordered by agricultural land and century-old villages, visiting small villages along the way, like the village of Granja, with it’s Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Orada, the oldest Christian building of the area. Once you arrive in Ansião don’t forget to visit the bridge “Ponte da Cal”, where Queen Elizabeth of Portugal once stopped to quench her thirst and bathed her feet, blessing the water of the River Nabão.
Overnight in Ansião.
Day 04
Walking Tour 3: Ansião | Freixianda (23.5 km)
Before you leave Ansião, try the local specialities of pine nut pastries and the “lesmas” – traditional cinnamon and olive oil biscuits, maybe take some for the road. Today you will visit the Ecological Park of Gramatinha/Ariques, which has the biggest population Portuguese Oak, and over 800 species. During your walk try to find "eyes of the thrush", springs of water that spring from a deep well. These turn into a stream that is painted white in Spring, by the watercress flowers, a geological phenomenon proper to the area, because it is limestone.
Overnight in Freixianda.
Day 05
Walking Tour 4: Freixiana | Ourém (23.5 km)
On today’s walk the landscape will also be populated by olive groves, lapiás fields and chícharo crops and old water mills. You will also find the Ourém's vineyards along the way, which date back to the foundation of Portugal, when our first king gave the lands to the Cistercian monks for cultivation, giving rise to ancestral traditions and techniques still in use today. The medieval village of Ourém is your final stop before the grand finale. Surrounded by breathtaking views, take the opportunity to visit the Gothic Fountain, the former Collegiate Church, and taste the medieval wine and traditional Ginjinha of Ourém.
Overnight in Ourém.
Day 06
Walking Tour 5: Ourém | Fátima (15 km)
You are embarking on the last leg of the trip. Highly beautiful trails take you from Ourém to Fátima. Famous worldwide as a Catholic pilgrimage site, it was the home of Sister Lucia and her cousins, to whom in 1917 the Virgin Mary appeared, in an event often referred to as the Miracle of the Sun. Home to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fátima, it is a place of worship and faith, peaceful and deep. Visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima and the Chapel of Apparitions, and may your soul find some peace at the end of this journey.
Overnight in Fátima.
Day 07
After breakfast end of services.
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Dates & Prices

From 740,00€/person  |  Min. 2 participants

740,00€ - Low Season (15th January to 31st March; 01st November to 30th December)*
795,00€ - High Season (01st June to 30th September)

Single supplement:

245,00€ - Low Season
309,00€ - High Season

*not available from 05th May until 15th May

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6 accommodations with breakfast
Briefing with an A2Z Guide
Luggage transfer between hotels - 5 stages - 1 bag per person – maximum 20 kg/bag
Maps and documentation of the Carmelita Route
GPS tracks (using the app "Ride with GPS" on your phone)
24H support line
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