About Our Team

Fun, knowledgeable and with at least five years of experience, our tour guides will make sure that you have a great time in Portugal – in total safety. All our tour guides speak fluent English and, of course, Portuguese. Some also speak French, German, Spanish and even Italian!

With very different backgrounds and different personalities, there is one thing they all share: their love for traveling and the desire to show you some of their favorite places in the world.

Pedro Pedrosa

Pedro co-founded Portugal A2Z in 2006. Born in Portugal, his main passions are traveling and sports, especially cycling – and the two of them together make him a very happy man! With a university degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Spatial and Environmental Planning, Pedro has spent his life avoiding turning into a computer geek. That's why, after several other entrepreneurship projects, he co-founded Portugal A2Z to work in what he loves to do. Among other things in his background, he has ten years’ experience in guiding groups in Portugal and leading mountain biking and trekking expeditions in places like the Himalayas, Morocco and Patagonia. When not guiding tour groups, he is a lead consultant in a Nature Tourism Development project within Portugal A2Z’s consulting department. Just for fun, he competed in the Portuguese Adventure Racing Team and won the national championship twice. Pedro speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and French fluently and tries not to forget the 9 words in Russian he knows.

Nuno Santos

Portugal A2Z’s co-founder, Nuno was born in Leiria with a love for the outdoors, especially the mountains. That passion led him to begin rock climbing at the age of 13 and, since then, his love for the sport has made him travel all over the world looking for the perfect rock climbing spot. When he is not climbing, hiking, or cycling, he is trying to keep his balance up in the air – on slacklines to be more precise! He has a degree in Sports and Physical Education and, for some years, traveled the world as a Sports Supervisor on the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. He speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish fluently and "un petit" of French.

Luís Coelho

Adventurous. Passionate. Proactive and persistent. Luís loves to live!
He likes new challenges. It can be on the start line of a marathon, an unexplored cave, a dive in the sea, a take-off from a paragliding, and also in his renewed professional challenges.
Luís believes that his life is full of dreams to be lived and experiences to be felt.
Tripping over people and believing that we, as a team, can go to the end of the world and beyond ...
Believing that their children are the best in life, it's worth passing them the message that whenever we put Love in what we do, the World gets better.
Luís is happy when, at the end of a trip, we share our passion for Portugal to our clients. It gives meaning to everything that he believes in.

Hugo Marques

With a degree in Sports and Wellness, Hugo is a sports enthusiast who fell in love with the outdoors, especially the mountains. Living in Batalha, he is close to two of Portugal’s national treasures: the grand monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, a masterpiece of architecture built in 1386, and Serra de Aire e Candeeiros mountains, the most important repository of limestone formations in Portugal. When he is not exploring new trails on his mountain bike, you can find him climbing or hiking. Hugo has been working with Portugal A2Z since 2012 and his curiosity and dedication to showing Portugal’s most enchanted places will leave you excited to learn more about the country.

Tiago Barra

Barra, as he is known in the company, has a passion for Portugal and loves to share it with everyone he meets. After starting his studies as a jazz musician, and being a musician for more than 10 years, Barra played shows all over Portugal using music as an excellent excuse to discover his own country. At the same time, his passion for sports led him to try as many as he could since he was 8 years old, starting with tennis and trying his hand at handball, football, BMX, skating... but cycling and rock climbing are the ones that remain his favorites today. Barra loves the countryside and spends all his free time going on long rides with his dog Dharma. For the past 7 years, he has been working with Portugal A2Z leading and guiding groups as well as helping with whatever is needed at the office. His passion for people, photography, and travel has led him to stay in the tourism business for life.

Samuel Costa

Samuel was born in Gêres where he grew up and currently lives. Ever since he can remember, his greatest passion is hiking. This led him to walk along the Gêres National Park since he was a child, exploring all the secret spots of Portugal’s sole national park. Later, he discovered mountain biking and, since then, he hasn’t quit his search for the perfect trail! Nobody knows more about the Gêres region than Samuel, our local guide, and friend in this beautiful region of Portugal. Samuel speaks fluent English and some French and Spanish.

Manuel Franco

With a degree in Sports Science, Manuel has been working in the ecotourism sector since 2004. His passion for mountain and nature sports led him to fall in love with Portugal’s mountains, particularly the Hermínios region. He has been living there for two decades now and is Portugal A2Z’s local guide and expert in the Serra da Estrela region.

Ricardo Neves

Ricardo Neves was born in Tomar, the emblematic Templar city, and from an early age, he fell in love with outdoor sports. His passion for nature and the mountains led him to discover climbing, a sport he has been practicing for almost 20 years. When he is not climbing, you will likely find him exploring Portugal in a variety of ways, whether it be hiking, running on the trails, riding his mountain bike or even canyoning. He loves meeting new people and sharing the most beautiful things in Portugal with others. He has a degree in Sports and Wellness and joined the Portugal A2Z team in 2013.

Carlos Santos

Born in Coimbra and with a degree in Ecotourism, Carlos is a creative and motivated team player with excellent design and graphics IT skills. At Portugal A2Z, he does a little bit of everything. He is the Head of the Communication & Marketing department. As an amateur photographer, he is the talent behind many of the beautiful images presented on our website. His passion for the outdoors and extensive experience in the tourism sector also means that he designs some of our nature itineraries and often leads groups through them as a tour guide. Currently, his main hobby is Traditional Chinese Medicine, so you can expect we will be offering more creative and innovative health trips soon!

Edith dos Santos

Edith dos Santos was born in Paris and came to live in Portugal when she was 13 years old. She studied Translation and speaks French, Spanish and English. Since 2009, she has been working in the tourism sector as a flight attendant. Edith likes to travel around the world and she loves discovering Portugal, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the country, and taking in the sun throughout the year. She is very curious about medicinal plants and loves plants and nature in general. Edith joined Portugal A2Z in 2015 and is responsible for our Tour Operators reservations and the Marché Francophone sales.

Marta Salvador

Born in Lisbon, Marta Salvador manages the Bikotel project. With a passion for nature, travel, and sports, she feels most at home when she is away from home exploring, learning and sharing experiences. She has a degree in Environmental Engineering, a postgraduate in Environmental Management and Audits has extensive experience as a trainer in environment and sustainability, and more recently has worked as a consultant in Hygiene and Safety at Work. As a sports enthusiast for 365 days a year, from Costa Vicentina to Tokyo, she prefers to explore her new destinations by bike: it’s sustainable, healthy, budget-friendly and allows for new discoveries every day.

Luís Kusteyra

Born in 1974, in the parish of Sé, in Porto, he has a passion for sports, which he has always practiced throughout his life. Cycling and surfing are the favorite and the most time-consuming activities of his life. Another of his passion is traveling, the possibility of combining sport with travel makes him a happy man.
With a degree in Physical Education and Sports and a Master in Physical Education in School, many of his work has been developed in the school context, developing activities related to adventure sport.
Whenever he can, he likes to explore new paths and routes, whether in a road bike or in an MTB, as well new spots to surf.
His latest interest is Tourism and Bike fitting (Biomechanical evaluation of the cyclist).
Kusteyra, as we call him, speaks English, Spanish and a little bit of French.

András Herczog

I was born in Budapest in the capital city of Hungary, I was brought up in a village not far away from the capital. Thanks to my parent's outdoor enthusiasm I got used to hiking and being outside in the forests nearby quite early. When I was eleven years old, I was introduced to mountain biking, which immediately turned into a passion. After eight years of an active racing period in which I become two times national champion in MTB OX and participated several times on UCI World Cups and Championships, cycling becomes a lifestyle for me. In 2010 just right after I finished my studies at the Corvinus University of Budapest and got my engineering degree in the fields of food production and quality management, I had the opportunity to move to Portugal and work there. It turned out to be that this was one of the best things what happened in my life until now. Last eight years I established an outdoor-oriented life here, traveling and learning as much as I can absorb about Portugal. In 2014 for a period of 2.5 years I was living in The Netherlands, but never got used to living abroad from Portugal and eventually, I returned in 2016 with an established tourism company on my own. Living in several countries of Europe also gave me the opportunity of learning a variety of languages, just as Hungarian, English, Portuguese, Dutch, and German. After I moved back not much changed ever since I travel as much as I can in Portugal, and my goal now is to share my experiences which I gathered along the years with those who come to Portugal for vacation. This leads to the fortunate event that I met the team of A2Z, and we began to work together on our common goal, to share and give a great outdoor experience to tourist in Portugal.

Rafael Romano

Born in Coimbra and graduated in Tourism, Rafael is one of Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking's most recent team member.
He works in the Marketing and Communication Department, with the mission to make known the most beautiful and diverse places within his country.
Passionate about sport and nature, whenever he has the opportunity, he loves to explore MTB trails and he is always looking for new downhill descents for practice.

Rita Caetano

She developed a taste for sport from an early age, went through a wide range of them and ended up getting a degree in Nature Sport and Active Tourism.
Her passion for Nature has always been there but it got strengthened when she crossed the Pyrenee Mountains by foot.
Rita believes Nature has the answer for all of our everyday problems and her favorite way to get to know the world is backpacking or biking.

Carlos Luso

Born in 1994, Carlos is part of logistics team at our company and has a degree in Management from the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria. Many consider him a curious, happy and accomplished person. He is an eternal lover of writing and traveling. What charms him the most about travel is the unique opportunity to be surrounded by new cultures and history. The gastronomic variety is something that also fascinates Carlos during his experience. Alongside his hobbies, he is also interested in the current economic issues. Carlos has visited more than 14 countries among them are Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Slovakia and Belgium and he doesn’t plan to stop there. The management of his travel and investment blogs are some of his leisure activities.

Marco Costa

After finishing his TeSP (Professional Higher Technical Course) in Sociocultural and Sports Animation, at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, he became Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking's most recent team member. He showed interest in sports practice by participating in a football team during his adolescence. Joining the football club enabled him to develop a skill in teamwork. He plans to discover Portugal whenever possible, without neglecting the possibility of getting to know new countries and cultures. This thought began after his visit to France and England, where he worked and served as an apprentice.

Paulo Coelho

He looks like the man of the 7 trades, but only is the radio man, the computer technician, the Red Cross rescuer, the paraglider instructor, the trainer, the cyclist, the climber, the tour guide, or just Paulo Coelho from Guarda.
Born in 1973 in Serra da Estrela, from early on he got involved in a variety of activities in contact with nature. Graduated in Multimedia Communication, he has the role of Tour Leader & Senior Consultant in A2Z Portugal.