We Have a Sustainable Role

Since the founding of Portugal A2Z, we have been mindful of the social and environmental consequences of our work and have consistently sought to find sustainable and innovative ways to create a positive impact.

Through our sustainability policies, we support local economies and minimize the social impact of our activities by working with local guides and ensuring the needed respect for local traditions and cultures. By promoting walking and biking tours, we guarantee that our outdoors adventures through Portugal are environmentally-friendly and provide a greener alternative in the tourism industry.

Our philosophy is to show you the most authentic details of Portugal in the most sustainable way possible. Read below to find out more about our code of ethics and the philosophy that underlies all our work.

Portugal A2Z is dedicated to promoting authentic experiences, supporting the appreciation and enjoyment of Portugal’s natural and cultural heritage sites while, at the same time, encouraging their protection by raising awareness of environmental issues with our travellers.

Portugal A2Z is knowledgeable of the dire environmental and social consequences of mass tourism and thus consciously commits to only working with small groups of travellers.

Portugal A2Z respects and involves local communities, by creating partnerships with local organisations and agents to better understand the local culture and support the development of local tourism programmes as well as other services that preserve the social, economic, political, legal, environmental and cultural integrity of these communities.

Portugal A2Z supports the improvement of local services through its selected partner programmes which promote the transfer of knowledge to local partners.

Portugal A2Z takes on its social and environmental responsibility by donating 1% of its revenues directly to non-profit projects and organisations dedicated to the development of the local communities on its tours.

Portugal A2Z ensures the privacy of its clients, using images and testimonials only when given explicit permission to do so.

Portugal A2Z is committed to continually improving its service through post-tour evaluations. This allows our clients to provide honest feedback and helps us to better understand the needs of our customers, so we can continue to provide an exceptional experience.

Portugal A2Z’s Board takes on the responsibility to continuously update this code of ethics and to promote and communicate it to the company’s employees, partners and clients, reserving the right of penalty decision in case of noncompliance.
Portugal A2Z is dedicated to:
Improving its environmental impact by implementing sustainable developmental and environmental policies;
Supporting and encouraging its employees to help local organisations of the regions where it operates;
Solving client grievances in agreement with the presented model services;
Promoting its core values such as honesty, partnership and equality in the relationships with local partners. Our contracts clearly define terms of agreement, conditions and the bases of said partnerships;
Offering adequate work conditions to its employees and providing the necessary resources for their continuous training;
Providing a clean, safe and healthy work environment;
Ensuring a transparent and fair wages policy and support consultation forums that involve the active participation of employees;
Implementing an equal opportunities policy to all current and future employees;
Guaranteeing that all employees are treated with respect and without any kind of discrimination.